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Short. Sweet. Saucy.

Sweetheart Boards - Eucalyptus

Sweetheart Boards - Eucalyptus

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Introducing our captivating Sweetheart boards, meticulously crafted from the enchanting allure of eucalyptus wood. Each set is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and exceptional craftsmanship, designed to elevate your dining experiences to new heights.

The subtle sophistication of eucalyptus wood shines through in every board, with its unique grain patterns and smooth texture adding a touch of elegance to any table setting. Expertly shaped and polished to perfection, these boards are a testament to fine woodworking and attention to detail.

Designed to nestle into each other with effortless grace, our Sweetheart boards offer both practicality and aesthetic charm. Whether you're serving a lavish spread of appetizers, an array of tantalizing desserts, or a curated selection of cheeses and charcuterie, these boards provide the perfect canvas to showcase your culinary creations.

Infuse your dining occasions with elegance and style with our Sweetheart boards, where the delicate allure of eucalyptus wood creates a captivating centerpiece for your table.

Finish: Beeswax and Mineral Oil blend

Set of 2

Care: Hand wash as needed. Towel dry. Reapply finish if board appears dry.

Dimensions: Small - 16"L  9.5"W x 1"D. Large - 20"L x 10.5"W x 1"D

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