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Short. Sweet. Saucy.

Alicia - Handmade Tea Cloth Apron

Design: Florida Diva, Multi-colored

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Introducing the Alicia Tea Cloth Apron: A Timeless Blend of Elegance and Utility.

This tea cloth apron is beyond baking, consider it a versatile companion.  While Alicia shines as a baker's half apron, its versatility makes it indispensable in various tasks. Whether you're whipping up culinary masterpieces, engrossed in an art project, or tending to your garden, Alicia effortlessly adapts to your needs, saving your clothes from stains and spills. Alicia's ties at the waist and it’s cleverly designed three large pockets offer unmatched convenience.

Experience the joy of cooking, crafting, and creating without boundaries – Alicia empowers you to embrace your passions, spill a little creativity, and always look fabulous doing it!

One size.

Care: Machine wash delicate with like colors. Tumble dry. Iron as needed.

Handmade in Landenberg, PA

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