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Short. Sweet. Saucy.

Egg Board - 4 Count

Egg Board - 4 Count

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Introducing our exquisite Egg Board crafted from natural wood, it is meticulously designed to be the ultimate solution for storing and displaying your eggs. With the capacity to hold 4 eggs, it offers versatility to accommodate your needs, whether it's preparing a small family gathering or a larger brunch with friends.

The sturdy and eco-friendly natural wood construction not only adds a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen but also ensures the utmost durability and longevity of the board. Each slot is precisely carved to securely cradle the eggs, preventing any accidental rolling or sliding. This thoughtful design feature ensures that your eggs remain intact and beautifully arranged, making it a delightful addition to your countertop.

So, embrace the natural charm of this egg board & celebrate the joy of cooking. Get your hands on this charming piece and make your breakfasts, brunches, and mealtimes an experience to cherish.

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